Three Cheers to Three Years!

When I launched Farmer’s Daughter Consulting on July 21, 2014, I had no idea how awesome being my own boss would be. I also had no idea how difficult consulting is.

The ups and downs of income are quite maddening. And the neuroses caused by riding this rollercoaster include panicked thoughts like, “Ugh. I don’t have any work. What am I going to do?” and “Argh! I have too much work. What am I going to do?”

It’s hard to find a middle ground of sanity, income, and workload. Thankfully, I’ve discovered some fabulous forms of therapy.

My mentors are incredible sources of support. Most of them are independent consultants or small business owners, and they all offer honest insights and advice. The best advice I’ve gotten lately was this. “Sometimes it’s okay to half-ass it. Your half-ass is twice as good as most people’s 100% effort.”

Exercise is another great therapy for me. In the summer, I jump in the pool most days to “wash off the crazy” as my husband calls it.

I’m not a good swimmer. When I swim laps, I use a kick board, and I kick as vigorously and loudly as possible, splashing like a lunatic the entire time, which makes me laugh.

A next-door neighbor heard this commotion a few weeks ago and peered over the fence to see if someone was drowning in our pool. I told him I was swimming laps to which he replied, “Can you swim?” I laughed and replied, “Not really,” flipped around, and started the riotous kicking again.

I also love going to the gym. Working from home can get lonely; the gym provides quiet socialization with strangers and a chance to listen to podcasts or watch bad daytime TV.

Ending a work day with a beer or two, mostly IPAs, is also good therapy, a way to relax a bit after a stressful day. I love hoppy, citrusy, on-the- verge- of-too- bitter IPAs brewed on the west coast.

And finally, I can talk to my VP of Business Development, my husband Scott. He always offers good advice that soothes my soul. I’m very blessed to have such an awesome husband. And such a lovely boss.